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KONI is one of the oldest companies in the world specialising in high performance shock absorber technology.  The company which celebrated 150 years in business in 2007 also celebrated a 50 year continuous relationship with formula 1 dating back to 1958. KONI produce high quality performance shock absorbers for motor cars, 4x4, s, SUV, s buses, trucks, military vehicles, railways, as well as some of the worlds most famous bridges and the London Eye. 

KONI in South Africa came into its own in 2005 when D & S Shocks took over the agency and quickly established KONI as the no:1 brand in the country.  D & S Shocks are one of the largest groth clients for KONI Globaly, showing clearly the need for a high quality premium priced alternative to the locally available products.

D & S Shocks carry the biggest range of high performance suspension components in South Africa with shipments arriving every two weeks from Europe. Components are shipped by air and sea to maximize service and keep costs down. Unusual parts that are not normally kept locally are never more than 3 to 4 weeks away. 

A KONI client is a more discerning motorist with above average needs, and demanding the highest of standards- In short - A client who is prepared to spend a little more for the best the market has to offer, know that in the long term a lower cost per kilometer and a safer motor vehicle is worth the initial investment.

The savings in tyre wear and suspension component failure are simply bonuses and easily overlooked!!

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